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Government at all levels today ignores the needs of the many, regardless of our ideologies or affiliations, working always and only for the very few: the privileged, the connected, the wealthy — the 1%.

The only thing that has ever succeeded over concentrated power is democratic power. That’s power—not gestures meant only to shame the shameless or other trifles—but the ability to actually stop and disrupt what hurts you and your family.

To stop families struck by illness from going bankrupt, to prevent people who work a full time job from teetering on the edge of starvation, to end the cruelties and absurdities of inequalities we all oppose that never seem to be fixed, we are building a machine for change.

To start to reclaim what happens to us in our own lives, not just to protect what we have already won but to ask for and get what we all need, we are going elect the grassroots locally, state-wide, and nationally.

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